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How to choose LED strip light and LED power supply
2022-02-18 15:09:15
LED Strip light
With the development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products, whether in terms of product specifications or price are becoming more and more acceptable, many places using traditional lamps are increasingly replaced by LED lighting, sometimes consumers really do not know how to choose numerous models of products
How to quickly, simply and effectively purchase LED products
One is the power and integrated luminous efficiency. the integrated luminous efficiency of LED lights refers to the luminous efficiency of a LED lights, the unit is lumens / watt. The higher the value indicates that the light energy-saving effect is better, the more power saving, you should choose high lumens / watt LED lamps. According to the use of the environment to buy the right power of LED lamps.

The second is the color rendering index and color temperature. Color rendering index is an indicator to evaluate the color rendering ability of the light source to the object, the perfect benchmark light source color rendering index of 100, the higher the color rendering index, the closer the light source to the object's color response to the true color. It is generally believed that: 80 to 100, excellent color rendering; 50 to 79, general color rendering; less than 50, poor color rendering. The unit of color temperature in Kelvin (K), red light source color temperature between 800K ~ 900K, yellow and white light source color temperature of about 3,000K, white light source color temperature of about 5500K, light blue light source color temperature between 8,000K ~ 12,000K.
How to make sure to buy the LED strip you like?
LED strip light can be divided into LED soft strip light and LED hard strip light.
LED strip light products have long life and low energy consumption. FPC is used for assembling circuit boards and SMD LEDs are used for assembly, making the thickness of the product only the thickness of a coin and not taking up space.The characteristics of LED soft strip products are soft and flexible, especially convenient for nooks and corners decoration, such as round/irregular design decoration. The back of the strip sticker is imported 3M double-sided adhesive, casing series with locking accessories, easy to install. It can also be cut at will, can also be arbitrarily extended without affecting the light, commonly used in: city contour lighting, irregular design body decoration, home dark groove edging, car beauty, jewelry display cabinets and any other places need to lighting decorative beautification.
How to choose LED strip light and LED power supply
LED hard strip is to use PCB hard board to do assembly circuit board, lamp beads with plug-in and SMD, but currently the most used is the SMD, depending on the needs of different and use different lamp beads. The advantages of LED hard strip is easy to fix, processing and installation are more convenient, with V-shaped aluminum groove base, high brightness, adjustable luminous angle, the length can be customized according to the actual use requirements. The disadvantage is that it cannot be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places. Commonly used in: jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting,cabinet lighting, closet lighting, store decorative lighting, art lighting, advertising box lighting and hotel, hotel, home villa decorative lighting, etc.
No matter it is LED soft strip or LED hard strip, it has the same product characteristics: it uses low voltage switching power supply DC12V or DC24V, which is very safe and has a normal service life of more than 30,000 hours. It can work normally in ambient temperature -30℃- +60℃, and the color rendering index and color temperature can be selected according to different lighting environments.
LED Power Supply
LED Power Supply
Whether you are building your own LED fixture, repairing and retrofitting an existing fixture, or buying a new LED lamp, you will need to find the right power source for your LEDs. You will need either a constant current LED driver or a constant voltage power supply to make your LEDs work properly. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a power supply for LED lighting.
Most LED products or LED strips already have built-in drivers or resistors to regulate the current, in order to bring these strips into the home, an AC to DC converter is required which converts the standard 220VAC home voltage to 12VDC or 24VDC. so a constant voltage power supply needs to be selected to regulate the voltage.
How to choose the right LED constant voltage power supply?
How to choose the right LED constant voltage power supply?
1. Wattage
First, find out how many watts your lights will consume, then choose the power supply that corresponds to the wattage. If you wish to run more than one lamp from a single power supply, you must add the wattage to find the total wattage used. Make sure you have a large enough power supply by giving yourself a 20% buffer on the total wattage calculated from the LEDs. This can easily be done by multiplying the total wattage by 1.2 and finding a power supply rated at that wattage.
2. Voltage
LED products with built-in current regulators are usually very good at specifying the input voltage that should be used. For example, an LED strip will use a 12V or 24V power supply, so the LED power supply can be selected based on whether the LED strip specifies a 12V or 24V input voltage.
3. Environment
An important factor that should not be overlooked when selecting a power supply is the area and environment in which it will be used. A power supply operates most efficiently if it is used within its temperature parameters. Power supply specifications should include a safe operating temperature range. It is best to operate within this range and to ensure that the power supply is not used in areas where heat can build up and go above this maximum operating temperature.
4. Efficiency
The efficiency of a power supply indicates the amount of power actually used to make the LEDs light up. The higher the efficiency percentage of the power supply, the more power will be saved in the end. For LED applications, it is best to choose a power supply with an efficiency of 80% or higher. You can check the power supply from YSD to get the most efficient option as they have an efficiency of 86% or higher.
5. Size
When choosing a power supply for your LED project, it is important to know where it needs to be installed. The size of the power supply can be selected according to the size of the installation location.
Find the best power supply for you
Find the best power supply for you
If you are still struggling to find LED power supply, you can check YSD power supply, there are many kinds including IP20 LED normal power supply, IP67 LED waterproof power supply, LED dimmable power supply, LED linear power supply, LED high-end power supply, etc. 
As shown in the picture, this is a new product updated this year.
C series C version is IP20 indoor 4 ways adjustment soothing switch LED power supply with high efficiency, high quality and high competitiveness. 
The power range of this series is 30-500w, the output voltage support 12v and 24v.
Based on old product, it has some new improvement.
Firstly, it’s the connector, using press type connector and add more AC. For press type connector will no need any screwdriver, just press and finish wire connection. More AC terminals will be better for parallel connection, this will save your time& easy using in real project worksite. 
Secondly, it’s the voltage adjustment, it has 3 degree to achieve different brightness, the first degree is 40%, the second degree is 60%, the third degree is 80%.
Thirdly, we add a soothing start button, soothing start power supply for better eye protection, with quick voltage adjustment to choose the favorite brightness. 
Fourth, this series is no fan design, the biggest advantage is will not overheat damage due to the dust amassing which caused by using fan cooling. Also no fan design will not have noise, is will better for you to use in School, Hotel, Meeting Rooms. 
Now all of YSD product already approved CE, CB, SAA, TUV, BIS and ROHS testing.